What lies ahead…

The greatest jihad that lies before the Muslims today is to establish
a true Islamic society which people will see and which will make Islam
attractive to them, so that they will turn to Islam voluntarily,
because they will see an example or attitude, morals and manners to be
followed. (1)

The individual in the Muslim society is required to work, within the
limits of his specialty and potential, to develop his society and make
it a strong, coherent and rich society that is independent of others,
qualified to convey the message of heaven to the earth, providing
strong evidence of the greatness of Islam and its suitability for all
places and all times.  Bu this Muslim society will never achieve this
unless the Muslims understand their responsibility, for Allah has made
them his trustees (khulafaa, singular:  khaleefah) on the earth, so
that they may cause His word to prevail, apply His laws and spread the
divinely-ordained way of life that was brought by the Qur-an and

This requires them to be pro-active, ambitious, persistent and
serious, keen to make good use of their time, organized in all things,
productive, hard-working and constantly developing and renewing. (2)

(1) al-Hashimi, Dr. Muhammad Ali, The Ideal Muslim Society as defined
in the Qur-an and Sunnah, International Islamic Publishing House, 2007
(Translated by Nasireddin al-Khattab), p. 403

(2) ibid., pp. 358-9


9 comments on “What lies ahead…

  1. from Facebook:
    So remind, for verily you are (only) one who reminds
    You are not a controller over them
    – Qur-an 88.21-2

    You cannot open a mind before it’s ready
    …-morpheus, “the matrix 1”
    Accept, for you must. Invite in the best way (a beautiful example and beautiful speech), for you must…See More

  2. from Facebook:
    This was a fulfilling response. I do recognize the path I’ve walked as being one that only I could have discovered but also find it difficult to not want to influence the circle around me and help them find what I found. I would even say that I do so out of love, out of the desire to enlighten them enough to want to enlighten themselves. However, it never occurred to me, until now, given my values and beliefs, that the loving thing to do would be to accept their chosen path.

  3. How do we educate a people who refuse to educate themselves?
    How do we educate those who refuse to be educated?

    Since the context of these questions is Islam, I’ll include some references.

    …”Perhaps you would kill yourself in grief, over their footsteps (away from the truth) because they believe not in this narration.”
    – Qur-an 18.6

    Quite simply, you can’t. These words were revealed as both a criticism and comfort. I/we cannot guide whomever we will. As you said, they do not wish to be guided, to educate themselves or to know.

    And there is the temptation, after being enlightened, to condescend to those who are not. But, “do not ascribe purity to yourselves” as another verse reads. I remember when people were advising me, and I was intent on doing wrong. Then, later, I was intent on doing right, but could not do it. Now, I have chosen the right path, but others disagree with it. All along, I have been left alone to my way. Likewise, I should leave others to their way, so long as they don’t hurt anyone. I should give them the freedom to find their way even though I think I can help them, if they don’t want my help. And I should accept the path they ultimately choose with best intentions, even if it’s different form mine.

    It’s hard to just let things be, but would you be educated, or have educated yourself, if you were not left to do it at a time when even you agree that you were ignorant?

    This is Islam, peace with Allah’s will, even when you don’t see its wisdom…See More

  4. Yusef, nice to meet you, thanks for the input. This is a topic that breeds a ton of questions for me.
    Daniel, we agree in the fact that everyone is trying to take over and I think we could agree on the statement that everyone has tried to t…ake over forever throughout history. But something else that’s also been a keystone for every takeover is a scapegoat of some sort. Whether justified or not a scapegoat must be in place for the citizens of empire building nations to turn a blind eye to the bullshit their state carries out in their name. It seems to me that Muslims are this generations scapegoat.

    Now here’s my theory:
    With the help of western, corporate owned media outlets that broadcast hysteria everyday, all day, we now have an instance in which a certain percentage of the global population has some level of xenophobia, if not outright hatred, for Muslims.

    Now, Yusef said, and I completely agree, “if people… come to their senses and see the clear message of Islam not the distortions of Arab culture or the ravings of Western media then that can only be for the good of mankind”

    1) I can see that what Yusef said is something worth striving for in the sense that people coming to their senses would enable them to concentrate on actual issues. Over the last few years I’ve become quite familiar with the values and principles of Thomas Jefferson and something he greatly encouraged was, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” But how do I/we educate a people who refuse to educate themselves?

    2) The first sentence in “What lies ahead” states a potential solution to 1). Establish a society in which people can recognize the attractiveness of Islam. But that makes me think of Thomas Fuller who wrote, “admiration is the daughter of ignorance.” So won’t these people who have seen how attractive Islam is simply be seeing whats being shown to them and not what Islam truly is? Which brings me back to me previous question of How do we educate those who refuse to be educated? How do they say the true attractiveness unless they already possess the faith to see it?See More

  5. from Facebook:
    everybody’s trying to take over the world. you see, it’s not about securing resources or energy. there’s more than enough food to go around, more than enough cotton to print money on.

    the only thing the world doesn’t have enough of is room… for everybody’s dreams to come true.

    & i’ll be god-damned if i don’t wake up to mine one day…See More

  6. From Facebook:
    everybody’s trying to take over the world. except those who are already taken over. the “muslim question” only arose after the fall of the soviet union, if you’ll notice. our book, the qur-an has never been conquered, so our hear…ts and mind can always be free. not that they always are. the truth is, the muslims of the world are too weak and divided to even be thinking about taking over. i live in the arabian gulf, and believe me, they are doing their best to be taken over.

    the colonizing powers of the world have a historical habit of accusing others of what they are guilty of. we are not trying to take over. it’s not something we have the means to attempt. we, in appropriate and inappropriate ways, are resisting being taken over, and that’s why we’re the flavor of the month.See More

  7. From Facebook:
    Since there is no ‘organized’ Islam nor nation of Islam and Islam is a way of life not a religion – Islam does not need people – people need Islam (faith) – you cannot subscribe to Islam nor does Islam seek to take over anything – if people… come to their senses and see the clear message of Islam not the distortions of Arab culture or the ravings of Western media then that can only be for the good of mankind – an individual in Islam is not required to do anything merely encouraged – there is no compulsion in Islam and no one standing between you an God no-one to judge you but God you – are meant to find the path alone…this message is lost on the followers or Farrakhan who seek to compel – this is a kind of high profile Islam like the professed faith of terrorists and suicide bombers it is a real ‘fad’ – you live Islam humbly and quietly and don’t shout aloud…

    Islam is the final testament it is the continuation of Christianity and Judaism – if you truly follow the piety of Christ and the clean living of real life of original Judaism and avoid the politics, distortions and the exclusivity that men have imposed on these faiths then you are a follower of Allah and on the path to Islam – God is rahman and raheem – merciful and forgiving who can say who he will accept and who he will turn away?

  8. From Facebook:
    This has been a discussion around my work recently and I’ve got some questions based on your link here. I hope you don’t mind.

    Something that’s been declared by a cowoker of mine is that Islam is trying to take over the world. Is it a goal o…f Islam to make the world Islamic? It occurs to me that Religions, empires and kings have declared and set out to make the world theirs.

    Considering the current face of Christianity, at least in America, does Islam truly want the “fakers”, those who only live the faith when it is convenient? Western cultures seem to have a knack for turning any religion or belief system into a fad.

    And what about those of us who want, can, and do strive for many, if not all, of these same things but do not subscribe to any religion? Do you see Islam as the single catalyst for a life lived well?

    I didn’t fully understand this part:
    “The individual in the Muslim society is required to work, within the
    limits of his specialty and potential”
    what are the definition of “specialty” and “potential”?See More

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