house of bread

i know what you are doing

& i know why

you’re enraged

at injustice




at the world that is coated-

no, saturated-

with these

is this correct?  isn’t this correct?

your moral, academic, journalistic, spiritual, social and other strivings-

are they not, more or less, attempts

to alert people to injustice?

to entice them to help you erase it?

to expose the lie?

& destroy it in the light?

you endeavor, it seems, to in some way restore a Balance

it’s good to work hard

the other side obviously is

everyone has the same goal:

 to build & destroy

we only differ on the objects

because in the end-

& i’m in the habit of saying this now-

there’s more than enough food in the world,

much more than enough to go around

and there’s also more than enough oil, gold, wood, land, in short EVERYTHING

we have way more than enough of every thing

it is not for these that any war has ever been fought

the one thing

the ONLY thing

there isn’t enough of

is room for everyone’s dream to come true

it is for this alone that the Balance is upset

as for me

i’ll be God-damned

if i don’t wake up to my dream

one day

i can’t seem to respect anyone who doesn’t feel the same way

i respect my enemy

more than my enemy’s enemy



in brief

is the reason

and essence

of our rage

“ours” if yours is like mine and many others

the better of whom utilize means-

any which are effective-

& fire this rage

through matrices of lexis, procedure & bureaucracy


does it soothe your burning heart?

does is satisfy your soul?

or are we just slowly burning ourselves out?

we know patience is wise

negotiation is a strategy

compromise is a necessary, if regrettable, means


has our patience become complacency & complicity?

how far have our negotiations advanced us?

are we compromising for justice, or compromising justice itself?

in sha Allah

i shall soon make it my habit of saying

that we do not choose the beginning of our life stories

but we do author the middle and end

your conclusion shall either read:

“i did it because…”


“i did not do it because…”

these are are a lot of words to write to a stranger

indeed every one

& every thing

is becoming strange to me

you’re just a face that came out of the rain

“strive ‘til you stride!”


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