Lady in Red

Lady in Red


met her on a wavy summer street

way-back-when, what did she done for me?

dried my dreams, lady in red


Lady in Red

now my lie’ll never be the same

never go back and i’ll never change

trained, untamed, lady in red


Lady in Red

her heels punctured holes into my heart

unzipped her purse & tore my life apart

smiles and scars, lady in red


Lady in Red,

friday night dinner she ate of me

burned me past any numbered degree:

HIV, lady in red


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purified pages is an invitation to see the world from the perspective of one who has been on an extraordinary journey of the soul. collectively, these poems are an image of TRANSFORMATION, but the consistent message is one of LOVE and REDEMPTION. with a unique style born of a mind in which widely DISPARATE influences mingle, al-Qãhırıï has created poems that are at once deeply personal and highly RELEVANT. from the aesthetic and DECEPTIVE simplicity of the earlier poems, to the tight rhythms and CAUSTIC slang of the epic “jahiliyyah,” to later poems like the SCINTILLATING “i, mujahid” and the beautiful, IRONICAL “tetrameron,” his work sings with a uniquely talented voice that the world needs desperately to hear.

“Real. This is not the work of someone philosophizing and theorizing within the cozy, sterile surroundings of academia. al-Qahirii has lived life with his shoes dirty and perhaps barefoot at times. I would recommend anyone to read, learn and live.”


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