State of the Ummah Address

State of the Ummah Address (continued…)

Despite the challenges we face, one indisputable, indubitable truth remains: we have established Allaah’s word as uppermost in every sphere of life. We ARE the best nation.

In America, the richest, most powerful nation in history, Muslims enjoy a higher standard of living, higher average income, and higher education level than the average non-Muslim American.
At every leading university in the world, there are Islamic student groups and masaajid, where the call to Tauheed, Salaa, and Fasting are established.

At these same universities, you will find Muslim professors, female and male, instructing students and conducting groundbreaking research in every field. In every country of the world, Muslim men and women are reaching the highest heights of education. Our doctors, engineers, social scientists, lawyers and businessmen criss-cross the globe in pursuit of halaal rizq (lawful provisions), and find it.

In the fields of primary and secondary education, we are creating innovative ways to incorporate science, mathematics and social studies into an Islamic education. After all, Allaah’s creation is as much an aaya (sign), as the aayaat (signs or “verses”) of his revelation. Islamic private and charter schools put out world-class students, who compete and win in academic competitions. From theater to speech to science, math and spelling, these students learn from the first day of pre-K to value their identity and heritage, and build upon the successes of those who preceded them. They learn and grow and play hand in hand, students of every color, oblivious to color, going back and forth from the Qur-aan to Science, from Arabic to English, from recess and sport to Salaa.

In public and private schools, Muslims also excel in academics and sports. Many valedictorians and salutatorians wear their Islamic names proudly. Muslim students are among the ranks of many academic and community service societies. They have taken the initiative to establish Musalla (place of prayer) in their schools, and many have successfully petitioned for permission to leave on Friday afternoons for Jumua prayers. Muslim athletes rise from the top of their district to Division I to professional leagues in many sports.

Muslim astronauts are establishing Salaa in space. Muslim divers pray at the bottom of the seas and oceans. And at altitudes high in the sky, Muslims turn their faces towards Makka. On land also, at nearly every geographical location, from the months-long days of the poles, to remote islands, masaajid are being built to establish Islam’s five pillars.

The rows of Salaa extend from all around the Ka’ba to the furthest corners of the globe. There is no land in which the number of Muslims is not increasing.

Incompatible with modernity? Nothing could be further from the truth. We have tackled and employed every available technology for the cause of Islam. In the UK alone, there are Islamic theater companies, Islamic satellite channels of many varieties with millions of viewers worldwide, Islamic phone apps with hundreds of thousands of users, a Muslim youth helpline, and many, many Islamic publishing houses.

We have designed Islamic web applications for prayer times, Qur-aan reading and translation, Q&A about Islaam, and many other purposes.

Iran alone is a shining example of Islamic success in science and modernity. It has one of the world’s leading institutes in genetic research. It has launched satellites into space. Its accomplishments and advances in ballistics and nuclear technology are infamous, not because of their menace, but because they were independently and domestically developed.

Our charitable organizations leave no corner of the globe unreached. Wherever there is a need, Muslims are there to fulfill it, asking no reward other than the pleasure of Allaah.

This is not vain bragging. Many, many non-Muslims have taken note, and placed their well-being with Allaah. The Islamification of Britain is a well-known fact. In Latin America, the da’wa efforts of immigrant Muslims, as well as da’wa groups have successfully invited thousands upon thousands of people into Islam, from Mexico to the heart of South America. In American prisons peace and change that Islaam offers has been reaching inmates for centuries, and not only African-Americans.

Let us look at the celebrities who have turned to Islam. There are so many, they have to be sorted by category:

Beanie Siegel, Rapper
Busta Rhymez, Rappper
Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, Singer/songwriter
Dave Chappelle, Comedian
Everlast, Rapper- House of Pain
Freeway, Rapper
Ghostface Killah/Abdu-rRaheem, Rapper/songwriter- Wu-Tang Clan
Larry Johnson, former NBA basketball player
Loon/Amir Junaid Muhaddith, former rapper
Mos Def, Rapper & Actor
Napoleon/Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, Rapper- Tupac’s Outlawz
Q-Tip, Rapper/Songwriter- A Tribe Called Quest

Omar Bongo, former president of Gabon
Robert Crane/Farooq, former adviser to President Richard Nixon, former Deputy Director of US National Security Council
C. Jack Ellis/Hakim Mansour Ellis , Former mayor of Macon, Georgia, USA
Keith Ellison, US Congressman
H. Rap Brown/Jamil al-Amin- former Black Panther, community leader

Ahmad Rashad, Sports Presenter
Yvonne Ridley, Journalist/ Press TV, converted after being kidnapped and released from Taliban!
Lauren Booth, Journalist/Presenter- Press TV, Sister-in-law of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Eric Abidal, French Football/Soccer player- FC Barcelona
Nicolas Anelka, Football player
Muhammad Ali, Former heavyweight boxing champion
Celestino Caballero, Super bantamweight boxing champion
Anthony Mundine, Australian former super middleweight boxing champion
Franck Ribery/Tarek, French Football player
Mike Tyson/Malik Abdul-Aziz, Former heavyweight boxing champion
Sonny Bill Williams, Rugby player, New Zealand All Blacks
Mohammad Yousuf, Record-breaking cricket player, Pakistani national team

This is only a partial list, a mere fraction of the great lives made even greater by Islam. See more here:

And let us not forget all the prominent Muslims in these fields who have been practicing Islam since birth.

As for Muslim women- subhaana-llaah!- they are in a class by themselves. Here is a brief sampling of what they are accomplishing in all fields of life: and

In the field of human rights, despite unfair media coverage, Muslims lead the way. Every day, Muslims give their lives in the cause of freedom. The despotic regimes that rule many of our lands rule in spite of us. We protest them, and rage against them, and it is those who claim high standards of humanity who help force their tyranny upon us. But we were born free and we will live free! Allaah gave us freedom and dignity, rights that we will never surrender. Our famously-high birthrates are a result of our positive outlook on life, of the joy and togetherness that we feel in our communities, and our indefatigable bright hopes for the future.

Elderly Muslims do not sit alone; their families surround them. Refugee Muslims find refuge in the homes in the hospitable hearts of the more fortunate. Millions of dollars of undeclared charity flow across regions and the world, to family members, strangers, refugees, widows, orphanages and schools. None of this is written in UN or Human Rights Watch reports, but it is written by those better in record-keeping.

The condition of Muslim women, also a media target, is also a bright spot. Everywhere you go, you see Muslim women who are doctors, scientists, engineers, teachers and scholars. They get their education in both Muslim-majority and Western countries, shattering the stereotypes of the liars without comment. We do not deny that some Muslim women are mistreated, sometimes horribly. No, denial is not the way. Let us pledge to strive harder against all injustice. We will not let the minority corrupt the image of the majority, even if the kuffaar plot to do so.

Let them say what they want about the so-called “Arab” slave-trade. It was never on the level or scope of their own atrocities, and even then, only a minority of Arabs were involved, and Arabs themselves constitute only a minority of Muslims. The same monarchs who are considered despots are the greatest emancipators of all time, ending slavery in the Arabian Peninsula with one command. It didn’t even take a war.

None of these accusations of racism- and there is indeed more that some can do to overcome it- diminishes the unifying capability of Islaam. Our Hajj, and our year-round ‘Umra, unite Muslims from all over the globe, of every tongue and color, around the same worship, the same message, the same hope, the same God: Allaah, the One, al-Qahhaar. It is the largest, international gathering in the world, and the most calm, serene, enlightened and peaceful. Every man and woman is the same, dressed, poor or rich, famous or obscure, in the same clothes, entranced by the same tear-inspiring rituals. This is a unity, love and humanity that even the vilest naysayer can deny.

It is indeed telling that of some 10 Muslim Nobel Prize winners, at least 5 were winners of the “Peace” Prize…

Allaah is the Universally Merciful, His Rasuul (saAws) was a mercy to all Realms, and Islaam is the greatest mercy ever bestowed on mankind and jinn. You, Muslim, have been chosen; rejoice!

Allaahu Akbar!

Raise your head with pride, O Muslim!
Raise your voice with Takbeer!
Raise your arm against injustice and oppression!

You are Muslim. Allaah has chosen YOU!

Live, O Muslims, and love!

Do not ever be discouraged. Do not ever be afraid. Stand firmly on this foundation. Survey the past present and future from atop Islam’s 5 pillars. Grasp even more firmly the everlasting handhold that will never break.

Let your soul soar!
Never let anyone tell you to fold in your wings. Fly high!! They’ll never be able to bring you down. Never look down, never look back, for this high no fear is in our way, and our love will only breathe peace…

asSalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu


2 comments on “State of the Ummah Address

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  2. Assalamu Aliekum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu !,

    Know that the life of this world
    is only play and amusement,

    pomp and mutual boasting among you,

    and rivalry in respect of wealth and children,

    as the likeness of vegetation after rain,

    thereof the growth is pleasing to the tiller;

    afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow;

    then it becomes straw.

    But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers, evil-doers),

    and (there is) Forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers, good-doers),

    whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment.

    [Al Quran 57:20]

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