cold & alone

people don’t pay me any more notice than a speck of dust floating past their face

i’m just a fly, that they swat away

just another dog in the street

a cat rummaging through their garbage

another face in the crowd

a face with no name


the invisible man:

visible, in fact, but unworthy of notice

people be on the internet all day- facebook, email, chat-  but not for me

they busy wit’ somebody

but that somebody ain’t me

guess i’m nobody

no, i am somebody

just somebody

never anybody


thank you for saying that

really, i ‘preciate it

it’s nice of you

but we all know it ain’t true


oh, do they?

who?  ain’t nobody called my phone

i’m sure they re-charge their pre-paid or pay a monthly bill, so that means they call somebody

so you’re tellin’ me people don’t call people they love?

who do they call, then?  niggas they don’t care about?


when’d that start?

or is it only just for me?

guess I am special


yeah, well, i guess that’s true

but this isn’t about what i’ve done

it’s about who i am


i’m not depressed;  i’m real

you should be, too

don’t send an email back

don’t call or text me now

really, it would only make it more true

just… be you, who you are right now

keep doin’ what you’re doin’

you’re obviously better off without me

and i don’t mind

i’m fine

i’m honest;  it’s good to be


i’m not suicidal

don’t be dramatic

this isn’t TV

i love life, and my little family’s learning to love it alone


you know, i used to wanna be famous

but not now

i’m gonna do my best to not get famous, just to make sure niggas don’t start contactin’ me

it wouldn’t mean anything then if it wasn’t happening now

and it isn’t


no, don’t worry about me

i ain’t bitter or mad

it’s all good




i’m gonna go now

to sit in my room

on the hard floor with the lights off


cold & alone


2 comments on “cold & alone

  1. Nope, no metaphor. This is an observation, not a commentary.

    Who am i?
    i’m the person people only call back
    i’m the scape-goat
    the fall-guy
    that nigga you love to hate
    the one designated to be taken-for-granted
    a guy people look at, but never in the eyes
    the exception
    the stranger
    a person people love, but can only reject
    the overlooked
    the one who takes it for the team
    the threat
    the shady
    the sketchy
    the once-and-future thug
    the indignant
    admired and then rejected for not being a follower
    unwanted for not making others feel needed
    inimitable, thus unacceptable
    shoulder wet with tears, whose tears have fallen on no shoulder

  2. who are you? i was half expecting to find a deep metaphor at the end of this dialogue…really poignant and gooey…but that ain’t you…you’re too raw…so who are you?

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