Black History Month: The Future

Our greatest challenges lie ahead…

“Whoever controls the images, controls your self-esteem, self-respect, and self-development.  Whoever controls the history, controls the vision.”  -Dr. Leonard Jeffries

Time is a strange thing.  The past was once the future.  The present so rapidly becomes the past.  We only experience the future as a present.  Today is history.  History is not some far-off realm in a dusty book.  We are making it every day, deciding what it will become.  Yet we live for the future.  Today and yesterday are the foundations of tomorrow.  Our pride in the past should be a challenge to achieve even greater accomplishments.  Our historical struggles should be a source or wisdom and caution.

Nothing is greater than the challenges we face today.  The black race, no exaggeration, is being threatened with extinction.  Starvation and famine in Africa, Black-on-black homicide (across the diaspora), higher rates of at-risk factors, disproportionate rates of imprisonment and execution- what do these all point to?  A faster rate of extinction.

But there is a subtler, more insidious side to this, what I call the ‘soft’ genocide.  It is the growing inability to reproduce as a community.  No, I’m not talking about the overhyped phenomenon of interracial marriage.  I’m talking about the emasculation of the Black male, the taking away of his manhood.  A careful distinction should be made between the terms emasculation and effeminization, the latter of which is more commonly used to describe this phenomenon.  Emasculation means to eradicate the male nature and role.  Effeminization means to make a male like a female.  This, the second, is incorrect.  It is not that males are being turned into females;  their behaviors do not match those of most girls or women.  Rather, they are male in the physical (i.e. sex) sense, but no longer live, think or act as males (i.e. gender). They are males, but not men.  They do not guide.  They do not protect.  They neither lead nor follow. They do not achieve.  They do not build or establish.  They either do not reproduce, or fail to participate in the upbringing of their children.  They are eunuchs, who can only serve the agenda of others, but never their own communities.

The current and future result of this is the inability of the Black community to perpetuate its existence as a community in the literal and numerical sense.

This is neither conspiracy nor theory.  You’re about to see a plethora of interviews and footage elaborating it in full detail.

In this video, comedian and actor Dave Chappelle describes the effort to perpetuate emasculated Black images in the media, and how he fought against it.  There are also interviews and candid footage.

You saw it yourself in the video, but let’s take another look at…

Prominent Black Figures who have Played Emasculated Roles

Jamie Foxx, Played female named Lawanda in TV show In Living Color
Cuba Gooding, Jr., Played homosexual art dealer in film As Good as It Gets
Arsenio Hall, Plays women Semmi and Akeem meet in a bar in film Coming to America
Larry Johnson, Athlete (NBA), Played Grandmama in shoe advertisements
Martin Lawrence, Played female in film Big Momma’s House and Sheneneh in TV show Martin
Charlie Murphy, Played homosexual ex-convict in King’s Ransom
Eddie Murphy, Played females in several films, including The Nutty Professor and Norbit
Harold Perrineau, Cross-dressed for dance scene in film Romeo + Juliet (completely
unrelated to play film was based on), transgender character Monica in filmWoman on Top
Tyler Perry, Actor, Played female character Madea in several films
Ving Rhames, Character Marsellus Wallace raped by two white males in film Pulp Fiction
Will Smith, Played homosexual hustler in Six Degrees of Separation
Wesley Snipes, Played cross-dresser in film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie
Chris Tucker, Played effeminate TV show host Ruby Rhod in film The Fifth Element
Various Wayans Brothers, effeminate homosexuals in TV show In Living Color, cross-
dressers in film White Chicks

Now look at this list again:  for Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Ving Rhames and Will Smith, these were their breakout roles!  This is how they made their name as actors!  How many actors of other races have played similar roles in their careers?  The numbers are disproportional.  Something’s going on…

In addition, here is a partial list of Black actors who have displayed their buttocks prominently in Hollywood films.
Taye Diggs– Shower scene in film The Wood
Omar Epps- Shower scene in film The Wood
Cuba Gooding, Jr.- Shower scene in Jerry Maguire
Djimon Hounsou– Protest scene in Amistad, Jail scene in Blood Diamond
Will Smith– Sex scene Six Degrees of Separation
Various Actors– Locker room scenes in Any Given Sunday

Now ask yourself, did this nudity in any way add to the plot?  How many actors of other races have shown their buttocks this way?  The numbers are disproportional.  Again, something’s going on…

Now we come to the disturbing phenomenon of Black male-on-Black male rape popularized in 1990s West Coast Gangsta Rap lyrics.  These are symbolic acts of emasculation, where the active dominant perpetrator relegates the passive victim to the status of a weaker “female”.  This brings up two ironies.  One, gangsta rap is notorious for being homophobic, when in fact it is homo-erotic.  Two, having to “take” another’s manhood only proves that one lacks it..

Some of the biggest names in Rap, as well as many others, were involved.  Here is a very small representative sample.  I won’t reproduce the lyrics here, but you can google the artist and title to see how blatant it is.

Cypress Hill, Ice Cube Killa
Dr. Dre & Snoopp Doggy Dogg, F*** wit Dre Day (released as “Dre Day”), reached U.S. Billboard #8
Ice Cube, No Vaseline
UNLV, Drag ‘Em In Tha River

Black men making songs about raping each other??!!  Does any other culture do this?  Something is definitely going on…

School psychologist, renowned psychologist and lecturer Umar Johnson details the the systematic emasculation of Black male in the education system, the indoctrination of self-hatred, and why it’s happening.
Part 1
Part 2

There’s a popular saying:  “The Black man is an endangered species”. Think about it:  disproportionate imprisonment, high homicide rates, high health risk factors, a culture of self-hatred, emasculation…- the black man is being eradicated in existence and essence.  A community with too few productive males is not viable;  it can’t survive.  It cannot defend itself. A community that hates the basis on which it should unite- it’s identity- will crumble.  A community that doesn’t produce leaders will lead itself to destruction.  A community that glorifies self-destruction will amplify it.

The phenomenon of emasculating Black males is not just important for African-Americans, but the entire African diaspora.  I’ve interacted with Black communities in Arabia, Australia and the UK, and African-American culture has, by far, the greatest influence on diaspora communities.  Based on what I have observed of African immigrants, the same can only be true for Africa itself, and many Africans I’ve met and interviewed have confirmed this view.  As Black America goes, so goes the Black world.

Human history is not a story of evolution, but of de-evolution.  We did not evolve from apes;  we have devolved into something worse than them.  For apes, nor indeed any species, do not do to themselves what we humans do to ourselves.  Look at us.  Our entire history is that of a survival-of-the-fittest, perpetual end-game of envy and greed.  Even the most selfish individual realizes that he or she can get more with a group.  Once groups grow too large, everyone’s share gets smaller.  So divisions have to be made.  Reasons to deny rightful claims have to be invented.  Racism is only one of them.  It’s a by-product.  Never thing that it exists in a vacuum.  It is a direct result of people’s need to justify their destruction of another people for the purpose of gain.  Greed and envy aren’t good enough motivators, you can’t get enough people to openly admit to those.  We don’t like to think of ourselves that way.

In that sense, what is happening against Blacks is not an emotional, blind sort of hatred.  It’s practical.  They don’t hate us because we’re Black.  They hate us because they’ve fooled themselves into thinking they need to.

Humanity has devised a simple, vile calculus.  Africa has every imaginable resource, but non-Africans want it for themselves.  There and elsewhere, Africans are capable of competing, and as a unified community they have the potential to prevail.  In this survival “game”, there are many ways to win.  You can excel, you can cheat, you can sabotage the other team, you can win by forfeit if they don’t show up with enough players or at all.  You can decrease the other team’s talent pool.  And while you’re doing this, you find that it is easier for them to be beaten by themselves than for you to beat them.  So you eliminate their leaders.  You attack their sense of camaraderie.  You encourage them to self-destruct.  And if you’re luck, and it works, you watch them fall apart while you score goal after goal, then you tell them they’re losing not because they’re an inferior team, but because each one of them, individually, is inferior to every single one of you.  They’re trying it all, but they can only do it if we let them…

…so don’t.  Fathers, don’t be absent.  Know that you are the foundation on which your children stand.  Mothers, don’t emasculate or effeminize your sons.  Encourage them to stand.  Those who know must teach.  Those who read must write.  Those who can must set the example, build and establish.  Black History is important because it is the foundation upon which our future stands.  So learn it and take a stand.  Re-design your future, and never, ever perpetuate the vicious cycle being perpetrated upon us.  We are the next generation’s history.  Don’t let them look back at it, at us, and say, as Soledad Brother George Jackson said to his mother:

“You never wanted me to be a man… You don’t want us to resist and defeat our enemies.  What is wrong with you, Mama? No other mama in history has acted the way you act under stress situations.  I won’t be a good boy ever.”

A man, a true man, is the one thing the world truly respects, and the only thing it truly hates.  Ready them

Muhammad (May Allah Honor him and Grant him peace) said,“Men would be perished because they obeyed women (in vanity).” (Ahmad)

Anas ibn Malik said, “I shall tell you a narration which I heard from the Messenger of Allah, and which no-one will tell you after me. I heard him say, ‘Among the signs of the Hour [of Judgement] will be the disappearance of knowledge and the appearance of ignorance. Adultery will be prevalent and the drinking of wine will be common. The number of men will decrease and the number of women will increase until there will be fifty women to be looked after by one man.’ ”  This narration was reported in the two Sahihs from the hadith of ‘Abd Rabbihi.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) declared,“Allah curses men who imitate women and women who imitate men.” (Bukhari)
He (pbuh) also said, “May Allah curse the effeminate man and the masculine woman.” (Bukhari)
On the authority of Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,
“Allah curses a woman who wears a men’s clothing and a man who wears a woman’s dress.” (Abu Dawud)

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