Hijab Success Stories: Chechen Islamic Fashion Line Debuts in Dubai

Hijab ain’t holdin’ these sistahs back!

Medni Kadyrova, the wife of the Head of Chechen Republic, has displayed her Islamic fashion collection in Dubai.

“My designs are inspired by natural beauty and grace of Arab women, to whom I dedicate my collection,” Kadyrova said. Veiled Chechen models displayed over 70 full-covering couture dresses on Saturday evening. The show was crowned with a display of wedding dresses. It was the first appearance of the Firdaws label outside Chechnya since its foundation in 2009. Medni Kadyrova said it was “the first step towards the organization of many others in the region,” AFP reports. The label can now only be bought in Grozny; however the fashion house plans to expand to other countries including the UAE. The Lady Chechnya collection is a reflection of the Islamic values and dress code imposed on the Chechen Republic by its leader, 35-year old Ramzan Kadyrov. The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic came to power in 2004 and since then has been actively promoting Islamic values in the region encouraging women to wear veils and men to take multiple wives. Source


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