Ramadaniyat 09: Skipping Suhoor, Midnight Snacking

Narrated Abu Huraira (May Allah Be Pleased with him):

The Prophet (May Allah’s Prayers and Salutations be upon him) said:

If somebody eats or drinks forgetfully, then he should complete his fast, for what he has eaten or drunk has been given to him by Allah.

[Bukhari narrated it.]


Common Mistakes Made During Ramadan

Common Mistake #8:  Skipping Saher (sehri)

The Prophet (s.a.w.w.) said: ‘Eat Saher for in suhoor there is blessing.’ [Bukhaari, Muslim] and he (s.a.w.w.) said: ‘The thing that differentiates between our fasting and the fasting of the People of the Book is eating suhoor.’ [Muslim]


5 ways to avoid Ramadan weight gain

5. Avoid late night snacking

When we are up late night doing ibada we tend to take detours through the kitchen to “taste” all the things we won’t be able to have during the day. Leave the night for ibada and you will benefit much more. But if you happen to leave your Qur’an in the kitchen and must go in there to get it, then grab a small portion of protein rich food instead of the extra piece of cake. Eating carbohydrate and sugar rich foods late at night increases the chance of those carbohydrates being stored as fat. Eating a “small” portion of protein will balance your insulin and leave you feeling fuller longer. May Allah Bless each reader to have a successful Ramadan.


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