You know what?

You know what?

I bet “terrorism” isn’t even in the top 50 causes of American deaths. But we work to pay people to take our rights and privacy to “keep us safe”. We are safe- from terrorism anyway. So what’s really happening is we’re paying people to take our privacy and rights.

Keep me safe from cholesterol and pollution. Save me from global warming and whatever it is you’re poisoning my food with. Give me the freedom to eat healthy and live a life that doesn’t need debt to be decent. Leave Syria and Pakistan alone and intervene in the civil wars going on in American inner cities. Stop charging me to detain people who haven’t been charged or convicted and lock up bankers AT THEIR EXPENSE. Stop rebuilding Iraq and pay the homeless to build their own homes and communities. Stop charging me to get spied on and research clean energy. The most dangerous men in history are “gentle”-men in suits, so leave the brown guys with beards and long last names alone and start profiling at country clubs and white tie dinners.

You know what real democracy would be? Everyone only pays for activities they support. So send me a list and I’ll check the boxes for what I wanna pay for and how much. You can have your taxes AFTER I get my check, thank you…

this isn’t hate-  it’s love

this isn’t negative-  it’s positive

this isn’t criticism-  it’s encouragement: we got to do better…

this isn’t anti-american-  it’s americism:  strive ’til we stride!

metal detector 2


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