Shadeed Muhammad, Luqman Ahmad: Sincerity, a Relevant Islam and Jamaat

instead of being mesmerized by people who don’t know you and where you are from look towards those who know your struggle, who can sit down and give Dawah to your uncle, who can talk to the brothers at college and those in prison.

Umar Lee

There is something I have been thinking about for a very long time and just have not been able to put into words. Finally, as two men from different camps within Sunni Islam make the news I am led to write about this issue. Imam Luqman Ahmad is a Philadelphia native, generational American-Muslim with a classical understanding and currently the imam of Masjid Ibrahim in Sacramento, CA. Over the past few years he has built up a large online following from those, including myself, who seek his words of wisdom and examination of the social and religious issues within the indigenous American-Muslim community. Imam Luqman represents a Sunni mathabi viewpoint which will often be associated with Sufism. Recently he has written a book titled The Devils Deception of the Modern Day Salafi Sect which I plan to purchase.

The second man is Imam Shadeed Muhammad the east coast  Salafi…

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