Striking Similarities

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What lies ahead…

The greatest jihad that lies before the Muslims today is to establish
a true Islamic society which people will see and which will make Islam
attractive to them, so that they will turn to Islam voluntarily,
because they will see an example or attitude, morals and manners to be
followed. (1)

The individual in the Muslim society is required to work, within the
limits of his specialty and potential, to develop his society and make
it a strong, coherent and rich society that is independent of others,
qualified to convey the message of heaven to the earth, providing
strong evidence of the greatness of Islam and its suitability for all
places and all times.  Bu this Muslim society will never achieve this
unless the Muslims understand their responsibility, for Allah has made
them his trustees (khulafaa, singular:  khaleefah) on the earth, so
that they may cause His word to prevail, apply His laws and spread the
divinely-ordained way of life that was brought by the Qur-an and

This requires them to be pro-active, ambitious, persistent and
serious, keen to make good use of their time, organized in all things,
productive, hard-working and constantly developing and renewing. (2)

(1) al-Hashimi, Dr. Muhammad Ali, The Ideal Muslim Society as defined
in the Qur-an and Sunnah, International Islamic Publishing House, 2007
(Translated by Nasireddin al-Khattab), p. 403

(2) ibid., pp. 358-9