Why Males Are More Violent

“There is no relationship between testosterone levels and being of a violent disposition.”  Then what is it?



Manhood is not simply a matter of being male and reaching a certain age.  These are acts of nature; manhood is a sustained act of character.

It is no easier to become a man than it is to become virtuous. In fact, the two are the same. The root of our old-fashioned word ‘virtue’ is the Latin word virtus, a derivative of vir, or man.

To be virtuous is to be ‘manly’.

-Wimps and Barbarians, by Terrence O. Moore


The Future of Black Manhood 

Whoever controls the images,

controls your self-esteem,


and self-development.

Whoever controls the history,

controls the vision.


The Unmanning of America

Men are out, man-children are in — or so commentators and social scientists have been proclaiming. Rita Koganzon considers (and challenges) the arguments about “emerging adults” that Kay Hymowitz makes in her new book Manning Up.

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